One Implant Higher Than the Other

Original b/lift & aug was on May 24 2011. Implants removed May 29, 2011(incision leakage);re-aug Aug 30,2011. Both implants were even until Feb 1, 2012. Now, my left breast (preferred look) is lower than the right breast (has fallen yet). PS has prescribed Vit E 800mgs, milk thistle 300mgs, and clartin along with daily massages (right/breast). I trust him. He feels it may drop with assistance ie massages, vit, etc. Just getting another opinion. Thanks in advance.

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One Breast Implant Becomes Higher 6 Months After Surgery Usually Capsular Contracture

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Thank you for your question.

The fact that your Breast Implants were even after surgery and only became uneven at 6 months suggests tightening around the breast implant on the right. This is called capsular contracture and is tightening of the normal scar or capsule around your implant.

It sound as though your doctor is handling it properly. If it worsens further revision may be necessary

Asymmetry of implant height

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You should see symmetry by now if your implant was going to continue to settle.  You may have a capsular contracture, or the pockets may not be symmetric.  Be sure to continue with you follow ups- revision may be necessary.

Breast issues

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It would have been nice to see pre-op photos.  Often there is asymmetry between the two breasts.  Adjustments in asymmetry can be done, but be aware no two breasts are exactly the same.

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