Breast Implants 3.5 Years Ago - Now Getting Pain and Right Breast is Smaller Than Left

Hi I had Breast Implants 3 half years ago, Everything was fine Apart from lose of sensation & a little tender at times, The last few weeks iv been having pain in my right breast, My Husband said my right breast now looks smaller than my left breast & he can see a indented line under my right breast, When i Breath in i get a right pain, The only way i can explain it is Where my chest bone is @ the back of my right breast this is where the most pain is. I can feel any lumps or anything,

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Change after Breast Augmentation

By now you may have seen a plastic surgeon which is what would be necessary to come up with the correct diagnosis.  If you have silicone gel implants, you should consider an MRI to rule out leakage of the implant.  Also, encapsulation (capsular contracture) is one of the issues you may be experiencing.

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