3 Years Post Breast Implants: Should I be Able to Feel Liquid Running Down my Breasts?

I Feel Liquid Running Down my Breast, Could It Be Leaking and Could I Feel It, if It Was?

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Leaking Breast implant

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If you have saline breast implants in place,  deflation may present as a decrease in breast size,  breast asymmetry,  increased rippling/palpability  of the breast implant etc.

If you have silicone gel breast implants in place,  leakage may not be detectable clinically. In other words, an MRI may be necessary to diagnose the leakage.

In any case, if you have concerns,  the first place to start would be with a visit to your plastic surgeon for direct examination.

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Leaking breast implants

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Leaking saline implants are manifested by deflation, and a smaller breast on the side of the leak.  Leaking silicone gel implants may change shape, become uncomfortable, change texture, or feel different.

If you have saline implants, you will know there is a leak because the leaking side becomes smaller.  If you have silicone gel and want to know if there is a leak, consider looking directly at the implants with an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) study of the breast.

If the implant is ruptured, removal or replacement is recommeded.




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