Do I Have Rippling?

Hi i got some answers to this, one saying that they will move during exercise and then go back to normal. Im fine with that i dont experience any pain with the exercises im just concerned about them gradually moving under my armpit. Will that happen with these exercises? also, I just noticed that i have two bubble looking thing in my breast, its soft to touch, but they are visible. Just wondering if they are rippling? (i have 350cc silicone unders done dec 2009) no recent weight loss

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Rippling is not a visual thing, but a palpable phenomenon that you would feel over the lower aspect of your breast by feel. The double bubble you are describing may be a deformity created by an unusual muscle pull on your skin. You should see your plastic surgeon so that he can examine you and determine the cause.

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Do I have rippling?

Without examining you it is difficult to tell if you are developing rippling.  Rippling is less comon with silicone implants but it can occur.  I would schedule a followup appointment with your board certified plastic surgeon to allow him or her to examine you and advise you on their findings. Good luck!

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Do I have rippling?

When the implants are placed under the muscle, there is a tendency for the muscle to pull them in to the armpit a bit, but I wouldn't let this stop you from exercising.  I am not sure if the bubbles that you are describing are rippling, but it will straightforward for your surgeon to tell you at your next review.  Good luck.

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