I Want Breast Implants, But I'm Worried About Risks. What Are The Chances?

I would like to have breast implants. I know there are risks involved like any other surgery. My main concern is the Anesthetic. Can a test be carried out to make sure I will not have any reaction to the anesthetic and secondly will I wake up? I am 37 years old. Also I am worried about blood loss and bruising. Is there a test that can be carried out to confirm the type of blood I have and if the Doctor suspects any complications?

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Anesthesia and Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery and breast augmentation are very safe procedures.  Things that you should do prior to surgery are... make sure the surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, that the operating room is certified by AAAA or JACHO, that the anesthesiologist is board certified and that the surgeon is using FDA approved breast implants.  Additionally, we have all of our patients get basic lab work which will make sure your blood clots properly, your electrolytes are normal and your organs are functioning properly.  If anything is identified after these labs, we arrange for more advance testing prior to surgery.  Our #1 focus on patients is their safety.


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