Weight Gain Associated with Extra Large Implants?

I am getting a breast reduction and lift along with new breast implants to about a size D. The HUGE (implants I have now on my 5'2" 120 lbs frame are grossly out of proportion to my frame (current bra size 32N), and one doctor told me that is why it was inevitable I gained weight (15 lbs) in my trunk and legs, as my body tried to compensate. My new plastic surgeon suggests Liposuction with the lift to make me feel better about my appearance. Is is usual to have weight gain with enormous implants? Should I get the lipo? Thanks.

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Implants don't cause weight gain

Photos would make commenting on your situation much easier but here are my thoughts...

1) Why even get implants at this point? They bring more than a handful of risks and do not last forever and will eventually have to be replaced. I assume your breasts also got larger with your weight gain. Is your native breast tissue adequate in volume to make you happy?

2) You asked if implants cause weight gains... and the answer is no. There are so many other reasons you may have gained weight such as your metabolism slowing down, your eating habits changing for the worse, or more inactivity. Implants by themselves do not cause weight gains except for the weight of the implants themselves.

3) If you have contour irregularities due to excess fat AND you are able to maintain your weight easily, you may want to consider liposuction. If you are battling your weight gains with starvation diets and working out 8 hrs/day, you will lose that battle and the fat will start accumlating again and result in fat being deposited in other, less desirable places. Liposuction is only successful if you can keep your weight under control.

I hope your surgeries you are considering provide you with what you are looking for.

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Get more opinions before breast augmentation surgery


That which you describe seems unusual. Why not get another doctor's opinion before you have surgery just to be sure that what the first one said makes sense.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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