Breast Implants from a University Hospital?

I live in San Diego and wanted to know if anyone has had their breast aug at a teaching university like UCSD or UCI? Does anyone know about the costs of the procedure as well as the results? Thank you!

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Breast Implants from a University Hospital?

As physicians, we are always learning and always training. Residency training programs are a great way to get plastic surgery at an affordable price by physicians who are in the early stages of their practice with varying degrees of supervision

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University based clinic for breast augmentation

Many university based clinics are used for residency training. If price is an issue you may want to go there but you may not get the same experience as with a private attending in his office.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast augmentation at a university hospital.

University hospitals usually have two programs: a private based attending practice and a resident based practice. At UT Southwestern, we do have both and they are different. The university practice is likened to any private practice and we have our own surgery center and clinic. The operations on this side are performed by the attendings, where as the resident program is a discounted program with the surgery performed by the residents and overseen by the staff. As a patient you may have a choice, and the resident program may be financially easier, but the benefit is that you have a choice for breast augmentation and it is safe in a University system.

I hope this helps. 

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Plastic surgery at a university hospital clinic

We all learned to do surgery at a university plastic surgery clinic.  I am still proud of the conservative surgery I did at the time. 

However I am able to achieve considerably better and safer results now because of over 15 years of clinical experience and many thousands of cases since then. As with anything else, experience counts.

It is for patients for whom cost is a big consideration who cannot afford a top surgeon in the private sector that the university clinics were developed.

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University plastic surgery programs

Having run such a program for 10 years, I can say that you will have intelligent, very well-intentioned young doctors eager to give you a great result for a bargain price.  But please realize that these doctors have very little experience compared to a seasoned veteran of 15-20 years in practice.  You can get a great result at a University but your odds are even higher by going to the best person in private practice in your area.

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If you go to the clinic ..

If you go to the clinic at a university hospital, you may be taken care of by residents who are training in Plastic Surgery - we were all there once and it is an inexpensive way to have cosmetic surgery -- if they have a cosmetic clinc. Just remember , the residents are not fully trained and are still learning, but usually they have good board certified plastic surgeons supervising them.

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University plastic surgery programs and cosmetic surgery

Every plastic surgeon on this forum spent their training years in a University plastic surgery training program of some kind. These training programs are staffed with terrifically talented surgeons and their hard-working trainees. A board certified plastic surgeon in this type of practice is well qualified to do your breast augmentation. You may find that the 'patient experience' is not as warm and personal as a private clinic (there are many good private clinics in your area)- but there are always exceptions. My advice is to meet with a few plastic surgeons in both types of clinics prior to scheduling your breast augmentation procedure.

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