Breast Implants (Transaxillary with Silicone) - Visible Tunnel and Lump

Three weeks ago I had silicone implants with the transaxillary approach. I can see the tunnel used on my right side. There is a small lump in the middle. Is this normal? My right side is also sitting higher. My PS is having me wear a band in a figure 8 shape to pull up the left and lower the right side. IS this normal. Thanks.

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Transaxillary incision for implants

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It is way to early to say what the long term results will be. The tunnel visualization will probably resolve, and hopefully as the breasts settle down, they will look more symmetric.

Transaxillary breast implant: a "lump" at the end of the tunnel

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It is normal for your breasts to be slightly "high riding" during the early postoperative period. However, the degree can vary and this is difficult to assess from your description. The "lump" in your tunnel could be the implant or a small seroma or hematoma. Your surgeon is best equipped to answer that question.

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