Remove or Replace Too Large Breast Implants?

I had a breast augmentation 6 weeks ago to correct deflated breasts after nursing 2 kids. I am very unhappy with the result. I ended up way larger than expected. I had 335 CC placed under the muscle. I am extremely depressed and can barely eat or sleep. I scheduled a revision and am conflicted on whether I should have them removed or downsized.

Should I remove my implants, or replace with a smaller implant?

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Replacing Implants That Are Too Large

I'm very sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your breast augmentation. You mentioned that you are six weeks post-op and feel that your implants are too large. Remember, the 'enormous' appearance of your breasts can be intimidating early on, but as the healing process progresses, the shape and size become much more 'normal.'

I would encourage you to remain patient with the healing process particularly since your implants were placed under the muscle. When the implants are placed under the muscle they often appear 'huge' until the muscle stretches and allows the implants to settle. During this time, the swelling will also subside and you may be very surprised to find that the implant size is ideal.

I am confronted by this concern quite often, however, as the healing process continues I find my patients are extremely happy. On a humorous note, many of my patients who are concerned that their implants are too large early in the healing process are the same patients who tell me '. I hope that my breasts aren't going to get any smaller' as they note the changes over time.

In the end you may decide to downsize your implants. Before making that decision, however, be patient with the healing process and you may find that you truly have a wonderful result.



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You are very early after breast implants


Without having seen you, examined you and discussed your expectations (preferably before you had your operation,) all I can do here is speak in generalizations:

You are very early. Things very likely will soften, settle and change. I would hesitate to make long term decisions so early. Just be sure you discuss the situation completely with your surgeon before having additional surgery.

Removing your implants or replacing them is not something I could advise without knowing much more than I do about your case.

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