Can You Get Breast Implants if They Don't Fit with Your Breast Plate?

I am 4 weeks post op I was supposed to get 304cc but when in surgery my PS went with 286cc. I am unhappy with the size and feel I should have went with 339cc. When I contacted the surgeons office they said they went with 286cc because the 304cc didn't fit my breast implant. I feel as I should have went with the 339cc but was told that would never have been an option in surgery because they didn't fit within my breast plate. Is it possible to get implants that don't fit in my breast plate?

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Can You Get Breast Implants if They Don't Fit with Your Breast Plate? Unhappy with Size.

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Surgeons as a rule try to match the width of the breast with the width of the implant as a general guideline. I don't have measurements or photos to help answer your question, but I do note from the catalogue that the width difference between 286 and 304 cc is 0.2 cm, or about 1/12 inch, and between 286 and 339 is 0.7 cm, or about 1/4 inch, neither of which is a great difference in width. 

If you do consider switching to larger implants, I would also note the a high profile implant (style 20) of 350 cc or 375 cc are not wider than the current 286 cc implant and would fit within the breast width parameter, though that is not the only factor in choosing an implant size. 

Thanks for the question, and best wishes.


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