I Had Breast Implants Ten Years Ago and Was a Large C After Surgery for 5 Yrs but Am a G Now, Why?

After 5 kids I had saline implants at age 39 and went from a B to a full C, which i maintained for over 5 years. I was 5'5" and 108 after surgery. At 45, I had a full hysterectomy and ever since have been increasing in size and am now a G! At age 51, 5'5" and 119, I am having discomfort due to my large size and don't know why they are growing. Will insurance consider a reduction medically necessary since I have implants?

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Breasts respond to hormonal stimulation

Breasts respond to hormonal changes in the body during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. If you relate the increase in breast size to your hysterectomy then you need to see a doctor to have a hormonal levels checked. If they are normal  and when the growth stops you can restore the shape of your breast by a breast reduction

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Breast enlargement after augment

Although you have gained a bit of weight, it would not account for this much of an increase in breast size. The first issue is whether there is an endocrinologic basis which should be worked up. Next, prior to considering approval for a breast reduction, any insurance company is going to inquire about whether you have first had the implants removed. Discuss any hormonal issues with your gynecologist before proceeding. Best wishes. Dr K

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Larger breasts with age

First you gained some weight, and as women age their breasts often enlarge a bit.  You may be a candidate for a reduction if you desire.

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Enlarging breast tissue years after a breast augmentation

It is not unusual for the breasts to get larger as a woman ages.  If you are uncomfortable then the implants can be removed.  If your breast tissue has increased markedly you may be a candidate for either a breast lift or a breast reduction.  

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