Switching from Textured to Smooth Silicone Implants

I am getting my breast augmentation on July 17. I was doing some research last night and found out that many studies have shown that the textured silicone implants really do not help to decrease the rate of capsular contracture. My plastic surgeon prefers to use the textured, so I decided on textured. I, however, changed my mind due to the higher rate of rippling, and rupture. Would it be ok to call on Monday and ask to get smooth implants instead? Would it also be ok to ask to go in, and talk to him again? I am really nervous.

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Performance data for textured vs smooth silicone implants inconclusive

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This is elective surgery. Don't proceed until you are confident with your choices.

The bottom line is that there is no data that conclusively shows one is much better or worse than the other.

At best, textured has a slightly lower capsular contracture rate.

Smooth feels only a little better, and its rupture rate is only a little lower than textured.

The differences just aren't that big. (At least with silicone they aren't. But with saline, the smooths definitely seem to perform better than the textured.)

It's fine to discuss this with your surgeon, but the bottom line is that this is not something to fret about. Nearly all American surgeons use smooth and nearly all European surgeons use textured...and that is after looking at the same data. The data just isn't conclusive, and that's because the differences are not that great.

The truth is that this is probably one of the least important issues surrounding your surgery. Patients and surgeons like talking about it, because it is a very definable and discussable issue. But what matters to your result more has to do with the size of the implant, the incision that will be used, the conduct of the operation, the skills of your surgeon, etc. Those are much harder to define and for a patient to due-diligence. But those are the issues that really matter.

Don't be afraid to ask questions; It's your body!

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First off, it is okay to change your mind. You should be 100% comfortable with your decision before you have surgery. Call your surgeon and meet with him or her again to make sure all of your questions are answered. You should be able to get the implants you desire. If your needs are not being met, you should find someone who can accomodate you.

Textured vs. smooth breast implants

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I agree completely with you. There is a higher rate of failure and rippling with texturized implants with no evidence of decrease in capsular contracture. Whereas I used them often 10 years ago, I now have abandoned them.

I'm sure your surgeon will be glad to use smooth and it is a good idea to have a chat with him about your reasons for switching.

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