Are Breast Implants Suitable for Women with High Nipples?

I am a 34A and am considering 300cc silicone gel implants under the muscle. Problem? My nipples sit a bit high, and my biggest fear is that even with a moderate size implant, they will get higher resulting in an un-natural look. Are implants just not suitable for small busted women with high nipples?

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Augmented women with high nipples may create a "bottomed out" or "stargazing nipples" appearance

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Implants placed in women with existing high nipples may create an augmented breast that appears "bottomed out" or to have "stargazing nipples"

Breast Implants and High Nipples

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The breast implants will not change the actual placement or position of the nipple. They will only results in a fuller breasts and the nipple position will remain the same.

Nipple position is important when choosing an implant

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It's a great question ie what implant is best for you given your current nipple position. The great thing ( especially in Canada) is that we have many different shapes and sizes to choose from. This means that we can pick a device that would be best for you. It's really impossible to recommend a device without a picture. I

High nipple position

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As noted by Dr. Blinski above, the "normal" distance of the nipple from the sternal notch is important. However, it is a fairly constant number for most women based on their height. For example, a 5' woman may measure 18 or 19 cm, whereas a 5'8" woman will vary between 22 to 25 cm. The other concept to understand is that the diameter and height of a breast are almost equal, give or take a "long" breast or a "broad" breast. Lastly, a 300cc implant is roughly 12-13 cm in diamerter. If it is placed correctly, the center is about 6 cm from the top as well as the bottom, not a very large distance. What will happen as you soften post op is the relaxation of the lower pole skin, but not the position. This will allow your implants to transform from "cantaloupes" to a more natural contour. See several board certified plastic surgeons for their opinion. You may find that they have similar thoughts and options.

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
Oak Brook Plastic Surgeon

Implants for high nipples

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As said before this is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words.  The key is to make sure the implant fits your chest.  Your doctor may have to use a different implant low profile. mod prof plus etc. to get the right result.  You want the implant to sit under the breast tissue in such a way that the nipple sits at the apex of the implant and that the surgeon doesn't put the implant too low.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

High Nipples Not Contraindication for Breast Augmentation

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The fact that your nipples are a bit high should not prsent a problem with breast augmentation.  By choosing a reasonable sized implant (300cc), you are lessening the chance of your breasts "bottoming out" which would result in your nipples appearing higher.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

High nipples make breast augmentation easier.

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It sounds like you are actually fortunate in your anatomy.  Having more breast skin below the nipples makes it more likely that you will have a natural result without too much fullness on top.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Are Breast Implants Suitable for Women with High Nipples?

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No way to advise without a posted photo, or a measurement from the sternal notch to the nipple in cm's. But I bet you realozed this. So best to see in person 3 boarded plastic surgeons in your area, like Dr Otto Placik. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

Breast implants are suitable with a high nipple

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Even if the skin is tight along the lower part of the breast and the nipple appears higher than average, breast augmentation is still possible without causing the nipple to move higher. The implant must be carefully positioned and centered on the nipple, and the pocket set to maintain the fold under the breast. If the nipple is high there can be a tendency to set the pocket low to compensate and cause the breast and implant to appear 'bottomed out'. Make sure your surgeon will give you the individual attention you will need.

Best of luck,


Not sure I would put them under the muscle

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I like my silicone implants under the breast. Putting it u nder the muscle makes it look higher with more superior pole fullness. Also, a photo would help -- I doubt your nipples are that hight.

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