Sudatonic or Infrared Body Wrap After Breast Implants?

Is it safe to get a sudatonic/infrared body wrap with saline breast implants?

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Probably but check with your surgeon


I am not sure about the wrap of which you speak. Ask your surgeon to be sure. It will probably be OK. Understand that these wraps and other spa treatments are not standard. Only the spa staff knows for sure what they do in them.

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Not sure what the infrared wrap does

I am not familiar with the Sudatonic Infrared body wrap or what effect it will have on your saline breast implants. Off the top of my head I would not think there would be a problem but I would discuss it with the spa owner. The saline is what your tissues are bathed in as well so in theory it should be fine. You should check with your plastic surgeon to make sure that you have adequately healed before any of these treatments as well. Best of luck.

Dr Edwards

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