Sports Bra over Higher Breast After Augmentation?

My left breast implant (550 CC) is still riding really high. Should I just put on a sports bra over it and let the other one just sit normally in the cup?

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Breast Augmentation and High Implants

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That is a technique that is used to help speed up the process of implants settling specially if one is higher. It really depends on the time frame you are in the post operative period.

If you are very far out it is possible that you have developed a contracture and that the implant may not drop no matter what you do, except surgery.


Hope that helps.

Breast uneven and using garments to re shape breast

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I would not do this without your surgeon's consent. I am attaching a link to a video, which if peformed more on the left, may help the implant to settle.

See your surgeon

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Early after breast implant surgery there is a period of settling in which the implants descend on the chest. After that things tend to stay pretty stable. Without knowing more I'd have to recommend you see your surgeon to get this addressed.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Sports bra after breast augmentation

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You should probably talk to your surgeon to find out what they recommend. They may advise that you wear a tensor bandage, wrapped around the top part of your breasts for a period of time. This helps the breasts settle. 

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