Downsizing Implants Change the Nipples' Appearance?

I had Breast implants to achieve a C cup, but I ended up with a D. If I have the D cups removed  for smaller C cups, could my scar around nipples improve and look less noticeable, and my areolas get smaller? Also, does the amount of breast tissue you already have make the end result bigger?

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Downsizing breast implants

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If you have your breast implants removed and replaced with a smaller size, the areola could appear smaller because it is on less stretch. It is possible your scar could improve if it is currently on tension. Another option is having the areola size reduced, and the scars revised, during the procedure for implant replacement. If you had a lot of your own breast tissue before the augmentation, then your breasts will look larger than someone who didn't have any breast tissue and got the same size implants. Keep in mind that breast implants come in a large variety of sizes, and the same size implant can give one woman a C cup and another woman a D cup. The correct size to get you to a C cup depends not only on what size you want to be, but how much breast tissue you have to start and the overall dimensions of your chest wall and figure. The implants come in different volumes and different degrees of projection (how far they stick out from your chest wall). I would recommend discussing your concerns with your surgeon, or another board certified plastic surgeon, to figure out how to best acheive your goals.

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Not likely a big change in the appearance of your scar

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Unless your breasts are really stretched by the current implants, going to a smaller implant probably won't make much difference. Do remember that by down-sizing implants, your breast may appear saggier if the skin is stretched already. Make sure your plastic surgeon gives you a good idea of what to expect from a decrease in implant size.

Dr Edwards

Implants and downsizing.

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Downsizing implants may make the areola appear a bit smaller( less stretch). The final appearance of the scar may vary. It is hard to tell.  I would say that the more breast tissue you have the less palpable the implant.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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