How Soon After Breast Augmentation Can Side Effects or Complications Start?

How soon after breast augmentation can side effects start?

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Essentially the complications could start immediately in the recovery room if you had a bleed otherwise the small nuissance type stuff takes a few months

Timing of post operative breast implant surgery breast complications

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Complications of side effects can occur anywhere from immediately after the operation to twenty years later.

Side effects from breast augmenation

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Side effects may start immediately after an augmentation. These may include pain, infection, bleeding, etc. Late side effects may include rupture or leaking of the implants and scarring (capsular contracture.) Make sure you follow up with your plastic surgeon as directed, and call him/her soon if you notice any side effects beginning to occur.

Early complications from breast augmentation surgery

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The earliest potential complication from breast augmentation surgery would be bleeding which could occur in the recovery room. In other words, immediately after the surgery. Thus it's important that you follow your surgeon's suggestions both before and after surgery.

Breast augmentation complications can occur any time

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There is always a chance that right after breast augmentation some bleeding can occur resulting in a hematoma. This may be noticed right away as increased pain and pressure in an area with significant asymmetry of appearance. Infection, scarring and capsular contraction can happen at later times. Be sure to discuss the possibilities of a complication with your surgeon and what to look out for.

Good luck!

Side effects of breast augmentation

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 Issues can arise after breast augmentation. These can be both early and late.  I answered this question from an early query.  Complications of a breast augmentation may occur right after srurgery, but are unlikely.

Early and late onset complications after Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation side effects could be divided into early and late onset.

Early onset complications include bleeding, accidental wound dehiscense and asymmetry. Late onset include include bleeding, infection, capsular contracture, asymmetry and re-operation.

In general, complications are not that common and with good surgical techniques most of these complications could be avoided. Hope that helps!

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