Breast Implants Shaped Differently on One Side - What Can I Do?

I just got my breast implants 3 weeks ago I have saline filled implants with 330 cc . Unfortunately, my left breast is shaped differently from my right one. My left one is more like in a tear drop shape and my right one is round and bigger. Apparently, my left breast was smaller than my right one before the surgery but my surgeon filled both breast with the same amount of cc which is 330. My breast got smaller after the swelling is gone, im not happy with size and shape.should i consider revision?

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Asking for breast implant revision 3 weeks after first procedure.

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Three weeks is far too early to judge your result after breast augmentaion surgery. Filling the implants differently may not necessarily correct the problem and it may require more scarring. You should review your pre-operative photos with your surgeon and allow anywhere up to 6-9 months before considering revisionary surgery

Breast asymmetry strongly affects the result

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All an implant can do for you is to put your breasts up on a platform and increase their size.  The shape differences may even be magnified, not reduced.  Give this some time to heal, and study carefully your preop photos the doctor took and you will probably realize that what you are seeing was always there.

Breast asymmetry

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I always point out differences between breasts before surgery because they are never the same.  You really should give it some time before making decision about doing a revision.  But they will never be  exactly the same.

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