Will my Breast Implants Settle and Become More Even?

1 month post op from revision to fix bottoming out. Surgery was done by a very experienced surgeon. Strattice was placed below and on sides to support implants. They are so high I cannot wear anything. Will they settle? My surgeon says they are not asymmetrical, but one appears higher becuase I have more breast tissue in armpit area?? He does not act concerned. My right breast appears off to side with indent in bottom. The left is heavy at base and almost droopy. Is this an acceptable result?

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Settling of breast implants

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At the moment there is some asymmetry, the implants also seem to be sitting a it high. On the other hand it is only 1 month post-op and I would expect to see some more changes in the next 3-4 months. So please be patient and wait to see how they settle.

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Strattice revisional breast surgery requires patience

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Runnermom:  Be patient!  I have used Strattice for revisional breast cases, similar to your indication, "bottoming out.  Pre-op, I counsel patients that  final results may require up to 6 months and show them photos of similar cases, at different stages post-op. Revisional breast surgery is tough for both the patient and surgeon for a variety of reasons.  The implant can cause both overexpansion of the breast skin outside of its "regular" boundaires as well as thinning of the breast tissue.  Your pre-op photos demonstrate that the implants have displaced "down and out" (inferolaterally), widening the gap between your breasts and virtually falling off the chest wall.  Strattice serves as a "hammock", pushing the implants up and in, but there is a "lag time", when your breasts may not look symmetric or round. 

Speak frankly with your PS and discuss your concerns.  Follow all post-op instructions and suspend disbelief. At the end of the day, your breasts will be more similar but not identical, without a mastopexy or other procedure to balance breast volume.   You may also want to visit the Strattice website.  Good luck.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Revisionary Breast Implant Surgery Results?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Given that you are only one month out of surgery is much too early  to evaluate the final results of surgery. You will find that the shape of the breasts will change as the position of the implants change. I would suggest that you evaluate the surgery results 6 months postop.

Best wishes.

Will my implants settle?

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Without knowing what was found at surgery and what exactly was done, I would say that there is an asymmetry of your implants at this point in time, as the right breast does look higher.  You do not mention whether your same implants were used, or whether you went significantly larger, which can also lead to the fullness in the upper poles of both breasts.  I would hope that you would see some settling of your implants over time, and some irregularities with Strattice can resolve over time as well.  If they do not settle properly, perhaps a more minor revision with lower pocket release might help.  I would give it a couple more months and then discuss the situation with your surgeon.

Settling of breast implants after revision

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Normally, it can take up to three or four months before implants will settle into place.  This can take even longer after a breast revision using Strattice because it adds so much support.

There will also usually be a little asymmetry. The good news is that in most cases the unevenness is usually not noticeable by anyone except  you unless you point it out.   

I frequently council patients to allow enough time for the body to finish its healing process, the implants to settle and the swelling to resolve before making any judgments. Most problems will resolve on their own this way.  In the mean time make sure you continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon and carefully follow your post op instructions.

Adam Hamawy, MD
Princeton Plastic Surgeon
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