Breast Implants Separating, Procedure to Correct This?

A friend of mine got breast implants. When she lied down the breasts separated and she found this to be unattractive. So she got another surgery done, and showed me after. Her implants didn’t separate anymore when she was lying down on her back. She also mentioned that what the doctor did is some kind of procedure with her chest muscles. The reason why I am saying this , is because I have the same issue. When I lie down my breasts separate. I’m 400ccs, under muscle, saline. advise please

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Breast Implant Separating?

Thank you for the question.

Lateral breast implant separation (breasts implants falling to the side)  can be corrected using an internal suture  technique (lateral capsulorrhaphy).  This procedure involves the use of permanent sutures placed along the lateral aspect of the breast implant  capsules,  closing off the space,  and preventing the implants from migrating to the sides.

If you are interested in this procedure, make sure your plastic surgeon can demonstrate significant experience with this type of revisionary breast surgery.

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Breast Implant Separation (Wide Cleavage)

If your implants migrate laterally, you may benefit from a lateral capsulorraphy procedure.  In this technique, sutures can be placed lateral to prevent your implants from migrating outward/laterally.   Pls visit with a board certified PS in your area to learn more about your options.

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