Will my Breast Implants Hold Up While Rock Climbing?

There will be situations when I am lodged between two rocks I don't want them to pop. I'm 21 and 5'4" and athletic.

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There shouldn't be a problem with rock climbing after implants

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I myself am a rock climber. Other than problems with the tendons and ligaments in your wrists and fingers, there shouldn't be any health issues. As you know, you don't usually pull hard with your arms in order to position yourself as you climb.Whether your top climbing or free climbing, your harness should be well below your breasts. I would probably not climb for at least after your breast augmentation.

Rock climber with implants

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I've treated several patients after car accidents when they were wearing a lap belt and I had a patient once who was a soldier and broke her implants when she tripped and fell while marching. With that said, I agree with others that they are well-engineered and pretty tough. Just keep in mind that like everything else, the shell degenerates with time and it is possible 10-20 years down the road that a lesser force could rupture them.

Barry Stuart Handler, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Implants are made to last.

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Your implants should be just fine while you are rock climbing. They are made withstand a significant amount of pressure. It would take quite a force to rupture the implants. Obviously, be careful, but you do not have to usually worry about your implants.

Best regards,

Dr. Speron

Sam Speron, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Breast implants will hold up under any sport or activity

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Breast implants are very durable and will hold up under any stress that sports can deliver, including rock climbing. After a breast augmentation you should be able to participate in any activity of your choosing. If you do not have breast implants already, you may wish to carefully think about how your implants are positioned. As a rock climber, physical strength in the upper body is very important to success and safety. You should consider a subglandular implant if performance is important to you, and you may wish a smaller cup size and implant projection to climb well.

Best of luck.

Breast Implants are tough

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The implants are very tough. Most will last over 14 years or so. They will usually come with a lifetime warranty, and so don't worry.  Also, they are not likely going to last your lifetime anyway, so expect that you may require a revision in the future.

Breast Implants are way stronger than you realize

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Breast Implants have been around for approx 40 years and have gone through many generations of improvement. Just as a computer from 10 years ago seems extremely archaic today, advances in materials engineering and implant technology have resulted in much stronger breast implants than those of the past. They can rupture in extreme circumstances (a mammogram can squeeze so tightly and rupture an implant) but this is rare. Virtually any type of exercise should be OK once you are healed.

David Shuter, MD
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant limits

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After breast implants have been in a few weeks you should be able to return to your normal level of activity. Rock climbing would not be limited by implants. For an implant to break a lot of pressure would have to be applied to the area and that occurrence would be unusual.

Breast implants should not limit your physical activity.

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Having breast implants should not limit what you do. We have patients who do martial arts, firefighting, police work, heavy landscaping, truck driving, etc. Rock climbing should not affect them.

Breast implants are not a problem for rock climbers

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I'm a rock climber myself, and have climbed with women that have breast augmentations. A moderately-sized implant that 'fits' your chest wall should not restrict your mobility, weaken your upper body strength or create other problems while climbing. Certainly, a serious 'whipper' fall against a wall might injure an implant, but probably would create other soft tissue and skeletal injuries as well.

Be careful out there! Belay ON!

Breast implants and risk of rupture

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Yes, you should be fine rock-climbing.  It generally takes a very strong force, as in a car accident, to rupture an implant.  They were designed to withstand all of the wear and tear that we can put them through, including vigorous workouts and rock-climbing.  Best wishes, /nsn.

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