Breast Implants for Patient with High Risk for Immune System Disorders?

Breast implant options for someone at high risk for immune system disorders? Should a person who may be at risk for immune system disorders even get Breast implants? If so, what type?

I have a close relative with an immune system disorder (RA) and I have lots of allergies myself. I also have SS-A and SS-B antibodies (but no Sjogren's) to boot.

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The data available indicate that the silicone implants should not aggravate your condiiton. However, if you find this hard to believe or have lingering questions or anxiety, I would recommend that you defer the surgeical procedure.

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Breast implants and immune system disorders

The silicone breast implant was once thought to cause Lupus, arthritis and other collagen vascular disorders. It was taken off the US market from 1992 to 2006. Research then showed that there was no relationship between silicone exposure and Lupus, arthritis and other collagen vascular disorders. In Europe and in Canada the silicone implant was never taken off the market.

That being said, there a still many who believe that silicone caused their illnesses and that it should never be used.

For someone like you, who has a high risk for immune system disorders I would recommend the saline implant. It's a great implant. It gives you the same shape, size and look that a silicone implant would give and only gives up a little in feel. Now with the submuscular placement of breast implants, this feel difference can be very minimal.

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Breast implants and autoimmune disorders

One of the reasons a moratorium was placed on silicone gel implants back in 1992 was the concern that they made women more susceptible to the developement of autoimmune disorders. Since that time the issue has been extensively studied and, to date, no statistically noticable difference can be noted between women with silicone gel implants and women without implants with regards to autoimmune disorders. As to what implant would be the best type, that depends on your anatomy (thick or thin tissue, etc.).

Get a couple of consultations to get fully informed!

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No scientific link between silicone and autoimmune disease

There is no scientific link between silicone and any autoimmune disease. This is the result of years of research that is scientifically valid and completely believable.

If you really want implants, go ahead and proceed. Choose silicone or saline based on their individual merits, not because of any autoimmune potential.

If you are not reassured by all the studies, implants may not be right for you for psychological reasons. But from a health point of view, you have nothing to worry about.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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