Breast Implants REVISION at 3 Months? (photo)

Hi: I'm a 5'2 120 pounds with a 14 bwd. I went from 32AA to 34D with a 550 (L) and 500 (R) natrelle saline implants HP. I am 3 months post op but really concerned with the results. I think my breast is looking distorted and I would like to have your professional opinion and see if I need to have a revision right away to fix the problem. I understand it may take it up to a year for your breast to settle, but I also know that all cases are different. Thank you for your time.

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Breast Augmentation Revision

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The differences in your breast may simply be a reflection of the differences that existed pre-operatively.  I always remind my patients that breast implants will amplify any minor differences in your breasts and this should be addressed before the procedure.  Your breasts are sitting fairly low and this can be a result of placing large implants over the muscle both which increase the effect of gravity on your breast skin. 

Any rippling that you may see is not surprising considering that you have large saline implants (which tend to ripple much more than silicone).  Switching to silicone implants may help to address the rippling and provide you with more breast fullness up top. I also use other techniques to address these issues and I'm certain your doctor can as well.  It is best to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and develop a plan that will make you happy!  Best wishes!!!!!

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Breast That Are Asymmetrical Before An Augmentation Are Asymmetrical After A Breast Augmentation

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Your right breast was bigger to start out with which is why your plastic surgeon put in a smaller implant on the right.  The natural breast, when they are larger, have more tissue behind the nipple.  Breast implants can compensate for volume, but rarely compensate for projection.  It is obvious from your pictures that although your right breast was bigger, the nipple was smaller, higher, and more to the outside (lateral).  Your augmentation appears to have been done well.  You have good cleavage.  The upper pole of both breasts appear to be symmetrical.  Your nipples are asymmetric, both in size and placement, however this existed pre-operatively. 

All in all, I think your surgeon did an excellent job surgically.  He or she may have explained these asymmetries beforehand.  Sometimes patients are focused on other things and don't hear what the surgeon is telling them, and sometimes surgeons fail to point out pre-operatively the type of asymmetries that may be disconcerting post-operatively. 

Bottom line, the surgery was good and no amount of revisionary surgery is warranted.

Revision after saline breast augmentation

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You have a nice result with typical contours following saline augmentation.  For improved contours, especially upper pole fullness, I would recommend exchange of implants to gel silicone.  This will provide better upper pole fullness and avoid the wrinkling/rippling that is likely to occur over time if you keep the saline constructs. 

You might be a candidate for a dual-plane augmenttiton, with part of the implant under the muscle and the rest behind the gland.  I would need to examine you to be able to make a better recommendation.


You are a candidate for revision after three months, meaning anytime now is okay.

Breast changes following augmentation.

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From the photos provided, I do not appreciate any significant "distortion." The implants have the appearance of sitting a little bit low on the chest wall with the right nipple slightly high. However, without preoperative photos, not much can be said regarding nipple position, implant position, or asymmetry. Implants of this size, particularly saline, can lead to issues with rippling and bottoming out. If you decide to have a revision, be sure to make a list of what you like and don't like about your breasts. Establishing your goals in concrete terms allows both you and your surgeon to be on the same page when it comes to expectations.

David Bogue, MD
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Breast difference

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    there is no harm in waiting and I would wait.From your p[hotos your right nipple seems a liitle lower.I would eave well enough alone for now.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Distorted breast

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Thank you for the pictures. There are differences between the  left and right breast but I would not use the term distorted. This result is acceptable and will continue to change. Also considering the very large size increase it would be good to have before pictures to compare.

My advise to you is to wait an additional 3 months and then see you plastic surgeon and discuss very specifically your concerns if you have them at that time.

John P. Stratis, MD
Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Distortion?

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I would not call your breast result distorted in any way although there are some differences between the two sides. While three months is an eternity to the patient, you should allow ample time for the breasts to settle and the tissues relax. You may indeed want a revision with more time, but it is too early to determine the final outcome and you don't want to chase a 'moving target'. Be patient and give your breasts and you time to adjust.

Breast Implants REVISION at 3 Months?

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Great post op photos posted Where are the befores??? Very hard if not impossible to respond to your concerns without seeding the before photos. Based upon what has been posted I see very slight, slight differences between the breasts. In fact theory appear as a good/acceptable result. Maybe you need to consider allowing more healing time. 

Concerned at 3 months

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Dear Concerned,

Altho there are differences in your breasts there does not appear to be distortion but I do think you will have some rippling if you don't already. I am curious what your surgeon thinks and am also wondering why not silicone at that size?  I do think you have some assymmetries but you may have had them before and without those pictures it is hard to tell.  I would see your plastic surgeon and express your concerns.  If you are still dissatisfied I would go on several consultations to see if anything is recommended and when.  Good luck,

Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

Breast implant revision

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It would help to know whether the implants are above or under the muscle and whether your nipple heights were even to begin with.  I would also recommend giving things more time to settle down and would not classify your breast as distorted.

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