Breast Implants Replacement

I had implants placed 6 yrs ago. Now, 5 yrs later the implants seem to have moved out of their pockets, they are at different positions on my chest and the bottom of my breasts are sagging. I am planning to undergo a revision, and I was wondering if they can be completely taken out and repositioned in one procedure. One PS told me the only solution was to remove, wait for muscle to fuse and in 6 months place new implants. Is this true or can be removed and replaced at one time? thank you

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Implant replacement

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Hi, implant replacement and respositiong is usually done in one stage unless there is an infection or excessive silicone leak from an older ruptured implant. without a picture or examination, it is difficult to say for sure so I recommend a consultation and examination by a certified plastic surgeon, for best results.

Replacement of Breast Implants

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This is a hard question to answer without seeing you (or any pictures) but it has been my experience that implant exchange is done in one stage.  Exceptions are made in the case of infection or implant extrusion (erosion through the skin). 

Remember that each breast is composed of only 2 elements: Skin and volume. Nice-looking breasts derive from good balance between skin and volume and also from having implants in the right location.

Replacing implants in your situation may require adjusting the internal pocket as well as adjusting the external skin envelope. When the skin is adjusted it is called a mastopexy or breast lift.

When discussing this procedure with a prospective surgeon make sure to see a complete portfolio of before and after pictures so you can get an idea of the types of results that are possible for people with your body type.

Implant issues

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While I have not seen you, it is quite common to exchange implants at the same times as removal.  But this is a case by case issue.  An exam is critical.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Correction of bottoming out implants in one operation with Strattice

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Without personally examining you it is not possible to give a definitive opinion but in most cases of implant malposition the correction can be done in one stage. In your case, the surgeon may have noted that the tissues are too thin to be strong enough to support a repair. In that situation a graft such as Strattice to make an internal bra can be very helpful and it would be done in one operation.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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