I Want my Breast Implants Removed After Two Weeks of Having Them Put In.

I want my old breast back would they look the same as before after the removal of my implants? And how long do i need to wait for the removal of my implants after just having the surgery two weeks ago. I heard that i would need to wear a bandgage for three weeks after my breast implant removal Thank you, Kelly

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Implant removal

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You can have the implants removed at any time, and if you definitely want them out, the sooner the better in terms of hoping that your breasts "bounce back".

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Buyer's remorse after breast implant placement

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You can have the implants removed at any time. However, it is not unusual for patients to experience "buyer's remorse" in the intial period after implant placement. Before you embark on this, make sure you review, in your mind, all the reasons you decided to have the surgery. It is likely your breasts will closely approximate your pre-surgery condition with the exception of the scar as long as your breast implants are not excessively large. Be prepared to be charged for the costs for this.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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