Breast Implants Removal with Capsulectomy?

I had 400cc silicone gel put in(dual plane) 8 weeks ago and want to remove them. Went back to the original dr to discuss expant w/capsulectomy and he agreed to do it; however when I asked the dr re how many explant he 'd done in the past, he said few and showed me two pics of explant he performed which doesn't give me enough faith to proceed explant w/ him. Although the dr. said, the explant would be fairly easy, should I look for drs who has breast reconstruction experiences just to be safe?

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Breast implant removal

Thank you for your question. Removal of the breast implants is fairly straightforward procedure and definitely much simpler than placing them in. Your surgeon should be able to do that. I am just wondering about why you need capsulectomy when the implant were put in 8 weeks ago. Unless there is a problem with the capsule, capsulectomy is not needed.

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Breast implant removal and capsulectomy

You should be able to find a doctor who does a lot of cosmetic breast surgery
One of the most common problems is breast capsule contracture or the development of thickening, and CAPSULECTOMY/CAPSULOTOMY
One of the most common problems with #cosmeticsurgery is #breast #capsularcontracture or the development of thickening, and contracture of the capsule that exists around the breast implants. Severe capsule contracture probably occurs in less than 15% of augmentation patients. Every woman has a breast capsule around their #implant and this is a normal phenomenon. The capsule itself could be as thin as Saran Wrap but may also become calcified and thickened. As it thickens and shrinks, the patient may develop a feeling a firmness of the breasts and in its worst situation, the breast may become painful and abnormal in appearance, achieving a very round, hard, and uneven appearance. There may be distortion and possible breakage and leakage of an older implant, but may also include a newer implant. Nicotine users, such as smokers, have up to a 30x increased risk of capsular contracture.
#Salineimplants may deflate spontaneously. When the patient has significant symptoms, complete or partial leakage of their saline implant, or concerns regarding silicone leakage, it is recommended that the implant is removed and exchanged. Frequently, this is performed on both sides depending upon the age of the implant. #Capsulotomy or opening of the capsule may be required or frequently #capsulectomy, which is removal of the scarred capsule, is recommended to ensure adequate pocket dimensions.
New implants may then be placed in the same existing position or may undergo a change of placement frequently from submammary to subpectoral position and, on occasion, the other way around.
This is sometimes used as a technique to provide a stronger more secure placement. In this case, the implant is removed and the capsule is dissected from the muscle, creating a new or “neo” pocket for the implant.
Explantation is the term that has been given to describe the removal of the breast implant.
What does explantation involve? Two choices exist for explantation:
1. Implant removal while leaving the capsule. This is a simple procedure and requires local
anesthesia, IV sedation, or (uncommonly) general anesthesia. It is relatively inexpensive. Microscopic amounts of gel may remain in the capsule.
2. Capsulectomy: This will enable the surgeon to remove as much silicone as reasonable without creating significant deformity. This operation may require a larger incision. The surgery and recovery time will be longer. General anesthesia is usually necessary and subsequently all of the costs associated with this operation will be higher.

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Removal of Breast Implants 8 Weeks after Breast Augmentation?

Assuming you are working with a well experieced board-certified plastic surgeon, he should be perfectly capable of removing your breast implants. More than likely capsulectomy is not necessary. Make sure you have can given your situation considerable thought;  removal of breast implants 8 weeks out of surgery is generally very unusual.Best wishes.

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Breast Implants Removal with Capsulectomy?

Safety is always a concern.  Be sure to schedule your removal with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in this area.

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Breast Implants Removal with Capsulectomy?

Taking implants out is a very straightforward procedure that any plastic surgeon is more than capable of. Capsulectomy is totally unnecessary with 8 week old implants.

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Can you have breast implants removed?

You can have implants removed at any time with or without removing the scar surrounding them. This is a relatively simple procedure.

The real question is WHY do you want to have them removed?  After only 8 weeks your breasts have only just begun to soften or settle into the pocket.  

I am concerned that you may be in the process of making a series of decisions about which you are not completely informed or ready for.

Talk with your surgeon about your reasons for implant removal and make sure that they think that is an appropriate choice for you.

Richard H. Fryer, MD
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Breast implants explantation

You need to have confidence with the surgeon you choose. Because things can go wrong, and deformities can occue and further surgery can be needed. You are not going to find a surgeon who just specializes in breast implant explantation. In fact the less the surgeon has of explantation of breast implants the better, it means the surgeon has good communications with his patients.

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Breast implant removal

This sounds like a rather complicated situation.   Implant removal is not that difficult and overtime the breasts will shrink back although not exactly to the way they were before surgery.  There will of course be scars left from the incisions made to place the implants.  In most cases of staight forward implant removal  a full capsulectomy is not done unless the implants are broken.  Over time most of the capsule will be absorbed or go away.  Here is the complicated part - I would like to understand better why you want these removed -    I think you and your surgeon need to have a discussion about what you want changed -  is it the size or the position of the implants?   before you embark on another big surgery make sure you and your surgeon are on the same page and you have fully explored your options.

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Importance of a Doctor's Explantation Experience

Explantation of implants is one of the more simple procedures we perform. Something much less challenging than the original surgery. The reason the photos may not have been impressive is that you are seeing the consequences of skin stretch and lack of volume. Something you should consider before you proceed. No surgeon can control the outcome of an explant unless you undergo a simultaneous lift.


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Removal of implants

In general removing implants is quite simple especially if you just had them done.  i am not sure why you want them removed.

Steven Wallach, MD
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