Breast Implant Profile for 300cc?

I have been back to see my consultant, and he has agreed that I can go up to 300cc for breast implants. I tried them on and they felt much better suited, and it was what i thought a C cup should look like. Also agreed to go under the muscle. Would high or moderate profile be better for me?

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Implant choices

Choosing between high profile and moderate plus implants really depends upon your anatomy.  This would require an exam.

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There are many factors involved while choosing the rught breast implant size.

Breast diameter plays a big part in choosing the correct implant size and projection.  The same implants can look completely different on 2 different patients.  The only way to properly figure this out is during a personal exam where many measurements will be taken. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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You need to be measured for breast implants

The choice of implant depends on the diameter of the base of your breast and the amount and quality of your breast tissue. As implants get larger, the base gets wider. High profile implants have a narrower base for any given volume, when compared to moderate profile implants. The diameter of the the implant should not exceed the width of your breast or the result may look unnatural, the implants may be too close to one another or may be too lateral, under your arm.

Measurements can be done to assess the ability of your breast to stretch to accomodate the added degree of projection.

Some surgeons and patients don't like the look of the high profile implants, because they may look boxy.

Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon so you are both on the same page.

Good luck!

Jeffrey Horowitz, MD
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Are moderate or high profile implants better?

It all depends on your anatomy and whether your breast skin is tight or loose. In patients who need a small "lift" some plastic surgeons will use high or moderate profile implants. In general, for first time augmentation patients with no children and therefore your tissues are relatively tight, I would recommend moderate profile. Over time, high profile implants can be more damaging to your tissues by stretching out the skin, although all implant can do this. Secondly, some patients want larger implants and need a relatively narrow implant. A high profile implants fits this situation.

Hope this helps.

Tracy Pfeifer, MD
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