Under the Muscle Implant Placement for Natural Feel?

I am planning on getting breast implants this year. I hold above all, the most important thing to be feel of the implants. I want them to be bouncy, move freely, and look natural. I heard that under the muscle hides the implant better? I've seen pictures and it doesn't seem to LOOK different to me whether over or under the muscle. I want it wide for cleavage but enough projection since i am small arounf the ribcage.

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Sub-muscular placement typically yields the more natural look

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When an implant is placed under the muscle it is classically only under the muscle in the upper inner breast. After you have gone through proper healing with massage if your plastic surgeon recommends it, you should be able to achieve a soft breast. Take care.

Dr Edwards

You might not be able to have all you want

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Implants are best put under the muscle for less palpability, better mammograms, and probably less capsular contractures. They also look better long term and don't develop the ball in sock look that sometimes plagues implants above the muscle.

They typically aren't "bouncy" however and they don't move as freely as natrual breasts. You should meet with plastic surgeons in your area and see if they think they can give you enough of what you want to make you happy.

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