Breast Implants Were Place High to Begin With, Do I Really Need a Breast Lift? (photo)

Current pics posted previously-300cc mod profile saline implants on 5'2' 96lb frame.I found original photos.Was told they were supposed to look that way following surgery till they dropped. They did "settle", but never to my liking. My goal with revision surgery is more cleavage, volume,& size(& no padded bra). I also have muscle distortion on one side when I flex. Can this be fixed? My first surgey was not noticeable at all.I want large breasts,but "safe" in size.Do I really need a breast lift?

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Lift or Not?

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It is not reliable to guess on lifting without examining you. You look like a borderline case. The answer also depends somewhat upon how much larger you want to go on implant size. I would be conservative as your envelope looks like it was stretched pretty well the first time.


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John Di Saia MD

Orange Plastic Surgeon

You do not need lift

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The main issue in your case is the implant position and lack of lower pole expansion. Your first surgeon used aerolar incision without the release of the pectoralis muscle. You will need revision with duel plane implant position and release of the lower pole .

Implants placed too high, is a breast lift needed?

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It can be difficult to tell for sure from the the photos you have submitted but you do not appear to need a breast lift. Your before and immediate after pictures suggest your implants were placed too high in your original surgery. They likely have settled some with time but they still look high relative to your nipple position. So your choices could be to lower your implant position, or raise your nipple position i.e. a lift. It is nice to avoid the additional scars associated with a lift unless really needed. When adjusting the implant position you could go with a larger implant but take into consideration that you already appear to have thinner tissues, and a large implant will thin your tissues further and possibly result in some visible rippling. It is likely that you will still have some muscle distortion when you flex your pec muscle. This is not easily fixed. It can be reduced in some situations by adding Strattice into the procedure but this is costly both in terms of the material and extra time for placement and may not completely fix the problem. 

Persistent Breast Asymmetry years after Breast Augmentation

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I understand your disappointment. You anticipated a certain appearance which never materialized. You had a mild breast asymmetry which appears to have been compounded by high placement of the implants. You also describe muscle  distortion on flexing which may be related to how the implant pocket was created and healed after the surgery. No simple answers can address your condition. You do require a revision procedure with implant exchange and probable breast lifting of some kind. 

You may wish to consult several Plastic surgeons face to face and see what the prevailing opinion is. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Implants too high

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It looks like your implants are too high in the pocket. I think you need a revision to adjust the pocket size so that the implants sit in a better relationship with your nipple areola complex.  Being that they are five years our after srugery, perhaps the muscle was not adequately divided or you have a capsular contracture?  Difficult to say without an exam.

You do not need a breast lift at all.

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You implants were placed too high and they are still too high, specially the right one.  You just need a revision lowering and making symmetrical the implant pockets.  The pockets can be brought closer together (specially the right) to give you more cleavage, and you can use larger implants.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Implants Too High

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This is a difficult question to answer without being able to examine you. Generally a breast lift is performed when the nipple areolar complex is at or below the inframammary fold. It is difficult to tell where your nipple sits on the breast mound.  Another option may be to revise the implant pocket.

Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

High implants

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The cure for high implants is not necessarily a breast lift. An examination would be required to evaluate your condition. Revision of the implant pocket may be a solution.

Breast Implants Were Place High to Begin With, Do I Really Need a Breast Lift? (photo)

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Best on the posted photos you could consider just a donut or L-shaped lift to address the N/A location. 

High breast implants not solved by a breast lift

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The breast implant should be centered in the breast such that they move and feel as one, and the nipple should project on the front of the breast. If the implant is high a better result is seen by lowering and centering the implant. Only if the nipple falls below the breast fold, or the distance from the nipple to the breast fold remains short will a breast lift help out.

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