Hardness and Pain After Breast Implants of 38 Years

38 years ago, I had a Breast augmentation and now I feel hardness and pain in my left nipple. Is it natural? It's been hard for years; but now that I am 66, my left nipple has begun to hurt badly. I can feel kind of a small pea size knot. I've been trying to find plastic surgeon in my area; have you heard of this before? I have regular mammograms as well.

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Have your breast implants looked at


Thank you for your question.

It is good that you do have regular mammograms. I would suggest having another one done just to be safe. I would also see a board certifed plastic surgeon as well. They could exam you and give you the best advice. Given that your implants are 38 years old, you have the older generation of silicone implants, and there could be a potential leak which you would want to have taken care of immediately. The other possible option in regards to your implant, is that you may have some scar tissue build up or a possible malignancy. Your plastic surgeon would also be able to help take care of this.

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You need to see a plastic surgeon

Your implants are amost certainly older generattion silicone implants that have leaked to some degree in the capsule (scar around the implant). You should have either a mammogram or a breast MRI to screen for breast problems. Then a plan can be made for surgery to most likely remove all of your scar tissue and implant material. To find a plastic surgeon in San Antonio, go to www.plasticsurgery.org and go to the find a plastic surgeon in your area. I wish you well.

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Assuming your mammograms have been negative, you need to see a plastic surgeon in your area.  You can find an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified plastic surgeon by going to www.plasticsurgery.org.

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