Will Implants Fill the Breasts As Muscles Relax?

I am beginning to become quite disapointed in the size of my breasts after my breast augmentation, as I do not feel they look that much bigger although I know there is some difference. I was just expecting more to be honest. I am 7 days post op and seem to be shrinking fast as the swelling goes down. Do you think that as the muscle relax more, the implant will fill my breast? How long approximately would this take. I was a small B and had 340/380 cc's.

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Not happy with breast size

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Dear Suzie

It sounds as if you are in the post -op blues. One of the reasons you don't see enough of a size difference is there is still swelling on the sides and in between the breasts. You should see much better definition and size as the swelling goes down.

I am curious as to your height, weight, and the base diameter of your breast. All of these will determine what size implants to use. Going from a small B to a DD is probably unrealistic in a 5'1" 100# woman who has never been prgnant or had a great deal of weight loss.

My advice would be to wait at least 8-12 weeks for the swelling to resolve and see how you like the result. It may very well be that you end up being a small D and love the look. If not, with the skin stretched by the implant you may be able to go a cup size larger over the next few months. Good luck.

Breast augmentation: Expect changes in shape not necessarily size

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Excuse me but I find it hard to believe that you don't see a difference with 380 cc implants. In the average individual this should increase you by 2 cup sizes and you should be a D.

IF this does not meet with your expectations at this point in time (where there is still some swelling), it is my guess that you will likely need significantly larger implants in the range of 550 to achieve your goals. If you are considering an increase of 25-50 cc such as a 420 implant, it is not likely that you will notice the difference and generally I would not advise you to go under an additional procedure for this limited volume increase.

Your implants may settle and drop slightly providing you with greater lower pole fullness. Although you may experience a change in shape, it is not likely that you will see any significant change in size (other than a slight decrease as the swelling resolves).

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