Breast Implant Not Moving with the Rest of the Body

My tummy and left breast feel fine--normal tenderness, but overall healing well. My right breast, however, is a different story. The Breast implant feels like a "bag" that does not move with the rest of my body, and any wrong movement will cause it to "lock" in place and give me the sensation of a pulled muscle. As a result, I get a very uncomfortable feeling (not pain) and it has kept me from resuming my daily routine and I am unable to fall asleep unless I take a sleeping pill. Is this normal? Will it get better?

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Hardening of the Implant

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It sounds that you may have developed or are developing capsular contracture. This is when scar tissue builds around the implant and causes the implant to stay put where it is on the chest wall and not move around at all.
Difficult to say that is exactly what is going on without examining you, but it appears that is what is going on from your explanation.

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You might have a right breast capsular contracture.

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It's hard to be sure without examining you, and you don't say how long ago was your surgery. But it sounds like you have a capsular contracture of the right breast.. That means that the membrane (capsule) around the right breast implant is squeezing the implant. I assume your right breast feels firmer.

Whatever it is, it doesn't sound normal, and should see your plastic surgeon.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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