Post-op Breast Implants - When Can I Go to Pole Dancing Class?

hi i had breast implants 3 months ago over the muscle. can i go pole dancing class yet? I went to one class did not do lots on the pole is this bad for me?

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Post-op Breast Implants - When Can I Go to Pole Dancing Class?

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Timing to return to specific types of exercise/activity will vary from one patient to another. Best to check with your plastic surgeon for specific advice. Remember, that he/she knows exactly what procedure was performed, how you are progressing, and is also responsible for your care.

Generally, I suggest patients gradually ease back into the strenuous aerobic exercise 4 to 6 weeks postoperatively, assuming that they are doing well and there have been no complications.  Teaching/supervising,  depending on how much upper extremity involvement there is can be resumed sooner. Lower body exercise can generally be resumed 2 weeks postoperatively.  Use common sense, listen to your body, and gradually resume previous activity. In my practice, I ask patients to avoid contact and strenuous exercise involving the  pectoralis major muscles ( such as push-ups, bench press,   burpees,  dancing on a pole…) for at least 3-6 months.  Best wishes.

Breast Implant Post Op Dancing

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Most plastic surgeons will recommend that you wait at least eight weeks before resuming any intense physical activity or heavy lifting, especially if it involves use of the pectoral muscle.  You may be able to resume dancing before that eight week point depending on how much stress the activity puts on the chest and arms.  I would encourage you to be patient and take time to heal, and definitely wait until your plastic surgeon gives you the go-ahead before resuming dancing or other physical activity. 

Suzanne M. Quardt, MD
Palm Springs Plastic Surgeon

Talk to your surgeon about pole dancing classes.

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Ask your PS when you can regain all regular sports and activities just to make sure.  3 months sounds very reasonable.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Pole dancing after surgery

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Dancing on the pole or for that matter any exertional exercise can usually be started 6-8 weeks after surgery in the majority of patients.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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No restrictions after 6 weeks

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At 3 months out from surgery you should be fine to resume all activity you were doing prior to your augmentation. In general, 4-6 weeks is my recommendation for activity restriction.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Full Activity OK After 6 Weeks

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You should have no problem going back to pole dancing after 3 months of healing.  I generally tell patients after 4-6 weeks, they can be back to doing anything that they were doing before the surgery and not hurt anything.  I hope this helps.

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