Breast Implants 4 Months Old and Still in Pain?

I had 390cc implants put in under the armpit, I still have pain in the sides of my breasts, and a burning stretching feeling all over them, I'm still numb under my arms and most of my breasts... There is also pain there. I just want to know what is goin on... Any help is great...

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Treatment for Inflammation Following Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question.  Rarely, a patient finds that discomfort and the early healing sensations of breast augmentation persist for a longer period of time.   It sounds like your intercostal nerves, which provide much sensation to the breast area, are inflamed.   This would explain both the discomfort and numbness.  A period of healing is needed, as well as some potential medications to assist you.

 I would discuss with your doctor some treatment options.  There are several good options available to patients, including the anti-inflammatory Celebrex, and the nerve inflammation stabilizer, Neurontin. These medicines are not for everybody, but can be of assistance.  Also, it will be important to know that you are not developing capsular contracture, which can give some of these symptoms.   Hope this helps!    Dr. Bresnick

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Breast Implants 4 Months Old and Still in Pain


It is unusual to have these troublesome sensations this late after surgery, but even though they have persisted this long they are still most likely to resolve. 

You might ask if you surgeon or your general physician has considered a trial of neurontin, which can sometimes break the cycle of pain and a short course might resolve your problem.

Thanks for the question, best wishes. 

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