Surgery to Correct Misshapened Breasts?

I had 1000cc Breast implants removed with a breast lift, and 450 cc replacemnt implants. My breasts look awful. I expected the scars but they are grossly misshapened--bulging to the outsides, flat along the bottom and flat from nipple to the chest wall.

I am 2 weeks out and wish I were dead. I am now grossly deformed and scarred. I knew I would have scars and I could live with that; but not the deformity. Is there another surgery to help make my breasts be a in a more natural shape? Please help.

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Allowing time for breasts to assume new shape and size after downsizing

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Consider a woman's belly or breasts 2 weeks after pregnancy or stopping nursing. You have "delivered" 1000 cc implants from your  breasts. You have decreased your breast sze by more than half and had a lift and it is ONLY 2 weeks. Try to be patient and give it at least 3-4 months before completing any assessments of your result. DO NOT undergo any surgery for at least 6-9 months.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Better to wait before getting another breast surgery

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It seems that you had a very extensive surgery to shape the breast after a large size implant was removed. Since you are only 2 weeks after surgery,nothing could be done done. You should allow the healing phase to proceed first. If a revision is needed it is wise to wait for 3-6 months before attempting this. Best of luck!

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Surgery and Timing for Revision

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You are very early in the recovery and things dont look the way they should now as they will later on in 2-3 months. You need to be patient. Now, down sizing from 1000 cc implants to 450 cc implants is not an easy task and there is a lot of skin that probably needed to be excised. So yes you will have long scars over your breasts.

Time will change things dramatically. At 4-6 months you can reanalyze things and see what you feel about it then.

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Misshapen Breasts

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I know it's easy to say but if you are patient you will see improvement over the next 6-8 weeks and beyond. There are procedures to improve the symmetry and shape in the future but you should allow full healing and reshaping to occur before doing this as the amount of improvement with time may mean less surgery if and when you finally do it. Your surgeon should provide you with encouragement during that time and make recommendations for any types of compression garments/bras that may be desired to assist the process.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Revision breast surgery can be difficult

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First off you are very early in your recovery and you need to allow time for your breasts to heal to see what the final result will be. 1000cc implants are large and as a result they stretch your skin.

Chances are your implants were above the muscle so I have found that in down-sizing implants, I often will place the new implants partially under the muscle which can help with the overall look of the breast.

Keep you follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeon and allow yourself time to heal. I wish you well.

Dr Edwards

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