One Breast Lower and Aching After Breast Implants

I have a probelm with one of my breasts. I got saline implants in February 2008 and in the last few months, one of my breasts is lower and off to the right. I also have a dull ache of the right side of that same breast. What is going on?

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Likely need pocket revision

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Sounds like your right breast implant pocket has over stretched and the implant is in a lower position than it should be. With that inappropriate positionining, the weight of the implant is more of a drag to your tissues and typically causes the achiness your are describing. This can happen after surgery and you may require a pocket revision with support of the lower/outer pole of your breast. That should resolve the ache almost immediately. See your surgeon and discuss your concerns.

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Pocket problems

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It sounds like the pocket stretched, tore, or was weakened by the surgery and as a result the breast inplant has shifted position. The pain may be related to a contracture, or the implant settling in a new place, or for no reason that can be diagnosed.

Anyway, you will need to see the doctor. The question will be- does the appearance bother you enough to get a pocket revision. The good news is that if you choose surgery it won't be as bad as the first time.


Pain and dropping breast implant has bottomed out

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When one breast implant has dropped down and to the side, the implant is positioned too low and is lacking support. Often this means the implant pocket was made too low and too large during your original surgery.

Pain is usually caused when the implant has bottomed out and has lost support. Typically the implant is pressing against and is under the Serratus Anterior Muscle if a submuscular implant was used.

Usually this is due to the fact that the implant pocket was dissected too far down below the breast and the Inframammary Crease support was violated.

This can be easily repaired with a minor procedure. See your doctor, he/she should be willing to repair this.

If your doctor is defensive or does not want to fix it, consult an expert board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in Breast Augmentation. You want an expert who knows how to fix this.

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