Breast Implants with a Lift With High Profile Silicone Implants? (photo)

I had surgery on June 13. I have a breast lift with implants. I received high profile silicone implants. Because my breasts were uneven before, I have two different sized implants to help correct the problem. The breast with the smaller implant settle within the first few days. The breast with the larger implant is tighter and has not dropped. Will this work itself out over time?

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Breast Implants with a Lift With High Profile Silicone Implants?

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Allow at least 3 months healing time. But the posted photo appears as an acceptable early result. Best to discuss with your chosen surgeon in person. 

Breast Implants with a Lift With High Profile Silicone Implants?

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Dear Momof4girls,

Thank you for your photo and question.  It is common to have some asymmetry early on, and this usually resolves with 3 - 4 months.  Follow your surgeon's protocol of massage and garment wear.  If it does not resolve, a relatively small revision is possible to achieve good symmetry.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants with High Profile

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Having uneven breasts is more common than you think. I would estimate it is present in 40% of patients. You will need 6-12 weeks of healing to see what your result will look like. I know it is difficult to do, but try to be patient. Most of the problems you discussed work themselves out. All the best.

Breast lift/implants, asymmetric after surgery

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Thank you for your question and photos.  This is a very common question and occurrence after surgery.  There can be subtle differences in the position of the implants and because the breasts are now larger and more projected, it is more noticeable.  There will be a lot of changes that occur over the next several weeks and months.  The implants will "drop" or settle as the muscle relaxes (if the implant is submuscular) and gravity works on the implant.  The key is to be patient, continue to have close follow up with your surgeon over the next few months as these changes occur.  

Best of luck to you.


Brian C. Reuben, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven breasts after lift and augmentation

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Yes, it should settle over time.  You are only 3 weeks out from your surgery and this is very common so try not to worry.  Continue to follow your surgeon's post-op instructions and make sure to continue going to your follow up visits so you can go over any concerns that arise. Perhaps ask about massaging and wearing a bra band. ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Early asymmetry is normal

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This is a very frequent question and yes, early asymmetry is expected.  Give it time and the implant will likely drop and you will achieve better symmetry.   Right now continue to follow your plastic surgeons advice as far as wearing a bra and massage.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Mastopexy augmentation inplants not fallen

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Thanks for your inquiry and good pictures, it can take several months for the implants to completely fall, and it often takes a couple weeks before you appreciate it happening.  Please discuss with surgeon if he/she reccomends massage or a bandeau (a strap) to promote implant movement.  Good luck.


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Your description is not unusual at all. The time needed is about 3-4 months. You should continue to follow up with your PS and convey your concerns.

High profile implants can sometimes look a bit artificial.

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Because of the relative narrow base relative to volume in my opinion high profile implants can sometimes look a bit unnatural. You have several months to wait before making a final pronouncement as your wounds are still healing.

Concerns after Breast Augmentation/Lifting Surgery?

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Thank you for the question and picture. Although online consultants will not be able to provide you with meaningful reassurance, you can rest assured that your breasts will change significantly over the course of the next few weeks/months. Hopefully, these changes will result in improved symmetry.

 Of course, your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource for accurate advice and/or meaningful reassurance.

 Best wishes for a long-term outcome that you are pleased with.

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