How to Get Rid of Indentation Under Breast?

I wore an underwire bra before my 3 month period was up, and have a slight indentation underneath my breast. It sits above my breast augmentation incision. It's not as extreme as a double bubble would be. It looks as if it sits right where the bra was sitting (as the bra was one that fit prior to the implants). I wore it only one day and this happened! What can I do to fix it? My 3 months is still not up yet. I have about 2 weeks to go.

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Your bra did not cause this indentation.

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Hi. I don't think it makes any difference whether or not you wear a bra after breast augmentation, or what kind of bra it is. Not everyone agrees with me, but I cannot imagine how wearing an underwire bra once would cause this problem.

You just have a small irregularity in the implant pocket. It happens. If it is minor and you can live with it, then leave it alone if you are basically happy. After all, nothing is perfect.

Otherwise, you need a revision.

I hope this helps you sort it out.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Not likely a cause of indentation

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Wearing an underwire bra should not cause a permanent indentation in your breast. It is best for you to discuss this with your plastic surgeon so your anxiety can be decreased. I allow my patients to wear an underwire as soon as it is comfortable for them but there are many different schools of thought amongst plastic surgeons.

Dr Edwards

Not sure whether it is bra related

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I am not sure that wearing an under wire bra once before 3 months would cause a permanent indentation. Maybe you noticed it after wearing the bra, but it may have been there before.

I would suggest returning to your surgeon. Making a recommendation without a photo or an exam is difficult. Your surgeon can evaluate you and make recommendations. Best of luck.

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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