If I Were to Get Breast Implants in March, Would I Be Swimsuit Ready by the End of May?

I am thinking of getting them in the middle of March if possible, but I am not sure how long the overall healing and settling period takes. I would like to enjoy them for this summer, but if that is not possible then I would wait until the fall.

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Quick recovery after breast implants.

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After having breast implants, you should be swimsuit ready in three weeks at the most.  We let women go in the water in one week and swim laps in three weeks.  So you can certainly do it in March.

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Implants in March swimsuit ready in May?

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It is certainly possible that barring any complications you should be swimsuit ready after a breast augmentation in March by May.

Swim Suit Ready after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

 Yes,  you should be “swimsuit ready” a few months after the procedure is performed. You should also be back to most activity by that time.

 Best wishes.

Breast Augmentation for Swimsuit season

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Breast augmentation typically does not require a significant recovery.  Women are often ready for swimsuits weeks after breast augmentation surgery.

The recovery from subpectoral breast augmentation used to be a rather unpleasant experience, but it no longer has to be. A space for the implant must be developed behind the pectoralis major, and a portion of the muscle's inferior origin must be released. Surgery on a muscle in most cases produces significant postoperative pain, and that is certainly true for breast augmentation. However, by using a local anesthetic infusion device (the On-Q 'Pain Buster') for the first two to three days after surgery, the pain associated with this procedure can be reduced quite dramatically.

While breast augmentation patients in this practice receive a prescription for a mild narcotic pain medication for use after surgery (just in case), most of them never take it. Most patients report little to no pain in the evening following surgery, and perhaps some mild discomfort on Postop day one and two. Patients can resume all normal, non-strenuous activities of daily living immediately after surgery, and can begin pec major range of motion exercises on the evening of their procedure.

Patients are seen in the office the day after surgery, and again on Friday for removal of the Go-Pump catheters (which is painless). Working patients usually return to work the Monday following the surgery; stay-at-home moms may need some help with toddlers for the first two to three days after surgery. Exercise is limited to walking only for the first two weeks; in weeks three and four some light exercise is permissible. Patients can gradually increase their exercise/workout level in the second month (weeks five through eight), however it is a full eight weeks before patients are allowed to return to activities that require forceful, repetitive, sustained pec major contraction - such as pushups and heavy weight lifting. It is important to ensure that the breasts are well supported in snug fitting sports bra (or two) when returning to impact exercise such as running or aerobics.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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On the beach by May

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If you have surgery in March, you should have no activity restrictions by the end of May. In most patients, the appearance of the breasts should also be satisfactory after 2 months. If you have very tight tissues and have never given birth, your breasts may still look a little firm or high at that point, but I suspect that you'll be very happy. Go ahead and have your surgery in March, and enjoy this summer!

March surgery and recovery

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I generally advise no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for about 4 weeks after breast augmentation.  So if you have the surgery in March, you should be fine for swimsuit season in May.  

Breast Augmentation in Preparation for Summer

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The answer is yes! If you were to get a breast augmentation in the middle of march you should be ready by summer. Generally speaking swelling will subside by then, however, I caution you to apply sunscreen to the incision site as exposure will leave you at a higher risk for hyperpigmentation.


I hope this helps you and good luck


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Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery

Fadi Chahin, MD, FACS
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Although it takes up to three months for implants to settle, once the incisions have healed you can put on a bathing suit and enjoy the sun.

Get ready for summer!

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Winter and Spring are very popular times of the year (in Chicago) to undergo breast augmentation in preperation for swimsuit season. While there will be some subtle changes that occur upto a year after surgery, most women feel comfortable wearing a bikini or other bathing suit within about 6 weeks after surgery- if not sooner. Good luck and enjoy!!

Swimsuit ready!

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Now is the perfect time to get breast implants in order to be swimsuit ready by May.  I tell my patients that they can do routine things as soon as they feel up to it after surgery, more strenuous activity after three weeks.  If implants are placed above the chest muscle, I tell them that they may not see their final results for two to three weeks.  If implants are placed behind the chest muscle, I tell them it may be two to three months before they see their final results because it takes longer for the chest muscle to stretch and loosen up in order to accommodate the implants.  Everyone recovers and settles at their own rate but if you have implants in March, I would think that you should definitely be swimsuit ready by May.

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