If I Only Have Breast Implants for 3 Month, What Happen with Capsules?

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What Will Happen To The Capsule Around My Breast Implants After Implant Removal

Dear Gina, I understand after reading your previous post plus this one that, for personal reasons, you would like to remove your breast implants 3 months post op.  Most plastic surgeons would do a subtotal or total removal of the capsule at the same time as removing the implants.  This is because the capsule with implant removed becomes a pocket that could fill up with serum or blood, or both, leading to all sorts of post implant removal complications.

If your implants are above the muscle, I believe most plastic surgeons would do a total capsulectomy (capsule removal).  If your implants are below the muscle, especially at 3 months when things haven't organized yet, it might be safer to just do an anterior capsulectomy so as not to injure the tissue directly over your lungs and heart. 

Once the capsule or most of the capsule is removed at the time of implant removal, in my practice, I leave a drain in and have the patient wear a pressure vest for about 1 week to get the raw tissue inside to fuse shut leaving no space for unwanted fluid or blood collection. 

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