Breast implants for male to female before starting on hormones for an older than 50 person?

I will soon be starting to transition from male to female and want to know if it is possible to have breast augmentation before I can start on hormones? Would there be any problems encountered with this?

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Surgery is possible

Hormone therapy is something that you need to discuss with your transgender endocrinologist.  It is not a requirement of surgery, using the most modern guidelines. 

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Breast implants for male to female transgender patients before starting on hormones.

Thank you for your question!  Typically hormones are started prior to breast augmentation.  This is done to assess the response of the hormones and their affect on breast development.  I have seen a number of people who have a good response to hormones.  It may or may not be enough to satisfy their expectations of their breast size, but at least they have undergone a trial and seen results.  This time range is up to 18 to 24 months.  That being said, some individuals want breast augmentation faster and need to know that their breast development may make them larger than they want to be because they haven't given hormones fair time to take effect.  I would discuss this with your surgeon.  

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Breast implants in male to female transgender.

Breast implants are ideally not performed unless you have been on hormones for at least 18 months.  The hormones enlarge your breasts. If the implants are done first, then the size and shape may change later after hormones have been taken.

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