Breast Implants Flattened and Spread After Lying on Stomach for Surgery? (photo)

7 weeks after lower pole lift and 300cc submuscular silicone implants I had butt lift and was lying on stomach for surgery (~5 hours). Right after surgery and still (3 days later), my implants look flattened and gap between was much wider. (especially when lying down) The implants still move freely and I can push them together, although they don't stay. What could have happened and can it be fixed? I see my PS for post-op in 4 days and will ask him, but just want other opinions too.

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Breast Implants Flattened and Spread After Lying on Stomach for Surgery

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The difference in magnification makes it rather difficult to compare the two photos, but the implant position looks pretty similar to me. Please consider adding a photo to look about the same size and pose as the 5 week photo for a better comparison.

Chances are in surgery that there was padding above and below the breasts so that you were not actually compressing the implants for those 5 hours. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Reasonable results, but need to compare before photos

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Your photos show reasonable results. How was your cleavage before surgery? If you have a naturally wider gap, then implants won't significantly enhance your cleavage contrary to popular belief. However, it appears that your breasts are well spaced apart and you have goo cleavage. Please compare your before photos to your after to see what type of results you achieved. 

Breast implants moving apart after lying on them

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Dear WasItWorthIt.  If you were laying on your breasts, there is a chance that the internal pockets have been stretched and the implants have drifted laterally.  However, most surgeons use special padding  when patient's are face-down to prevent this from happening.  In the upright postion, your photos show a good result with narrow cleavage.  If the lateral displacement only occurs when you lie down, then it's probably not worth undergoing any sort of revision surgery.

Breast Implants Flattened and Spread After Lying on Stomach for Surgery?

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To me I am not sure what you expected. The breasts seem in good symmetry and appearance. A before posted photo would help. 

Breasts after a butt lift

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Your breasts at least in the photos look similar.  Perhaps at this point the pockets have accommodated to the implants and allow the implants to move around more.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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