I had Breast Implants 5 days ago, feeling well but noticed my left breast is more swollen than my right Is ths normal? (photo)

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Swollen on one side after surgery

Thank you for your breast implant question.

I understand why it is easier to ask advice on-line after surgery but
no one can advise you except your surgeon.
Please call your plastic surgeon now, explain what is going on and arrange to be seen.
Best wishes!

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I had Breast Implants 5 days ago, feeling well but noticed my left breast is more swollen than my right Is ths normal?

Congratulations on your surgery!! Yes, I can also see and agree that your left breast is quite a bit larger than your right breast.  You should go see your surgeon as soon as possible for an in office exam to rule out hematoma or any other complication.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
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Swelling could be more than "average" (and still OK), but could also be due to hematoma!

Usually, post-operative bleeding will add several hundred ccs of blood to the surgically-created pocket, and this will cause the affected breast to be quite a bit larger (almost double in size), with taut, shiny skin, and fairly significant discomfort. Sometimes patients also will notice partial arm numbness from pressure on sensory nerves in the armpit. Their anxiety is easily noticed over the phone, and the diagnosis is rarely in doubt.

"Small" bleeds are uncommon, but do occasionaly occur; this may be your situation, or you could simply have more tissue swelling. But usually not quite this much.

Since even a small hematoma can increase the risk of capsular contracture, I would recommend seeing your surgeon promptly for an in-person evaluation, as prompt surgical evacuation can limit your chances of undesirable longer-tern problems (and a bigger re-operation later).

By photos alone, you appear borderline, but I would still see your surgeon. If s/he has a portable ultrasound machine this is an easy non-invasive way to find out for sure. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Significant asymmetrical swelling after breast augmentation needs examination and diagnosis

I agree that the asymmetry is rather striking and the left side looks larger than the right side to degree more than I would expect unless a significantly larger implant was placed on the left side.

I agree it is important to see her plastic surgeon to rule out the possibility of a hematoma.

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