Do Breast Implants Expand with Air Pressure?

I saw this question on Twitter and had to know the answer:

"If a woman has breast implants and climbs a high mountain do the implants expand due 2 lowered air pressure?"

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Do breast implants expand with air pressure?

Hello! Thank you for your question! Altitude and pressure have no effect on breast implants, whether saline or silicone. It is safe to travel by air within pressurized cabins or even scuba dive without concern. No further precautions should be taken during these activities. Certainly, discuss any concerns with your surgeon prior.

In the same manner, blunt force will unlikely cause rupture. Repeated trauma from the folding of the implant over time is known to be associated with rupture. Obviously, penetrating trauma from sharp objects will also result in rupture. Both saline and silicone implants are very durable and daily activities will not cause any increased risk to the integrity of the implant. Hope that thus helps. Best wishes!

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Implants are stable

When a woman with implants climbs a mountain, her breast implants don't change size because they are filled with saline or silicone gel (not air).  If they did expand, then most female flight attendants on airplanes would be very busty!

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