Breast implants not dropping? (photo)

Hello! I had 340cc under the muscle silicone implants two weeks ago from a 32A cup. I am really unhappy at the moment and whilst I am aware they take time to settle I just wanted to know if my implants are needing to drop or if they are this shape forever! I think they are too long? If that makes sense! They start very high up on my chest and haven't changed (dropped/softened/rounded etc) at all since my op.

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Great question, this is so common. Your implants are likely in a good spot but they are pushing your skin and tenting the skin up which makes it look long. When the skin and swelling settle you will not have that long look

Post op position

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Breast implants vary in how long they take to fall. In general, they typically fall to their final position in 2-3 months. Be patient!

Breast implants not dropping

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First of all, congratulations on your surgery! You are looking right on track for being just 2 weeks post breast augmentation. This is not your final result. They will drop. I show my patients how to massage at around 3 weeks and that speeds along the implants dropping. Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for them to settle and change shape so try to be patient or you will drive yourself crazy. If they are not dropping quick enough, talk with your surgeon about massaging or a breast band. Until then try to enjoy them! ac

Angela Champion, MD
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It's too early to worry. I think you will go on to have great results. At this point, your skin and muscle are tight. It will take time for them to stretch and make your breasts look more natural. Your breasts will look much more natural at 6 months. Patience is key. Rome was not built in a day.


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Based on the photo you provided, I don't see anything to be concerned about. At 2 week out, you are too early to tell. There is still swelling and implants always ride high in the pocket for the first few weeks and they "drop" over the next 3-6 months. When they "drop" they round out and soften. Smooth implants tend to drop more than textured implants. Some surgeons suggest massage and others don't depend on the implant used so contact your surgeon about massage before you start. At some point your surgeon may suggest a bandeau (strap across the top of your breasts) in order to encourage them to drop sooner. I know its hard to do, but be patient as based on your photograph you will likely have a good result.

It may take several weeks after a breast augmentation for things to look normal.

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I see nothing in the photograph provided to be worried about. I think with time as the swelling subsides your breasts should look soft and natural.

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It is still very early to see the end result.

Your skin is very tight now, that´s why they look like this.

It can take up to a year to really look natural.

Consult with your physician, It´s about time you start doing some massaging, and keep your skin very well moisturized to avoid getting stretch marks, cocoa butter works great!

Give it time, in 3 months you will feel a lot happier with the results.

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