New Breast Implants and Uneven Drop with Stretch Marks

I have just had 200cc silicone implants in Thailand. One breast seems to be sagging/dropping more and has developed large white stretch marks and the nipple seems to be facing inwards.

Any help as my surgeon is in Thailand and i'm not too sure how i can go about ongoing treatment, etc.

Updated 2/9/10:

do you not think thew other one will drop down as its only been exactly two weeks since the surg in that photo. the right breast was always saggier than the left but i just thought the lift (yes sorry i did have a lift along with implants) would correct that.

Updated 2/10/10:

Thanks for all the reassurance. yes there was follow ups 1 week after my surg and normally there would be many follow ups post op however i did have to fly home. i went straight to my GP off the plane and he prescribed me 2 more RPTs of AB.( in responce to infection) I have contact with my surg via email but it takes a few days with the translator ect.. In regards to the quaility of the rest of the procedure ( and what what could have been the worst outcome)the hospital was AMAZING they had more than enough staff not to mention if i had the procedure in AUST i would have been in and out of hospital within 12 hrs, i was in Hospital for 5 days in Bangkok. the cleanliness of the hospital was fantastic the equipment was state of the art at no point did i feel nervous about any part of it. recovery took care of me like i had never been in any other non routine surg i had a nurse by my side at every point. Yes the only down fall is post op care must be done via photos and email and anticipation and lack of patience is why i have made a net post. Thank you again.

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Abandoned by Thai surgeon after medical tourism trip

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I would contact the service that arranged the procedure. Certainly in this day and age, I would hope that they could get in touch with your surgeon. I am somewhat surprised that there are no provisions for follow up or post operative management of concerns or care instructions. What happens if your implants get infected? Who do you call?

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Medical tourism

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This is one reason why traveling for surgery can be tough. It is hard to get back to your treating physician for care.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants or lift for asymmetry

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You look as if you had your surgery very recently, as I still see some bruising and the incisions look very fresh. There is going to be some settling in the next 6 months as your swelling resolves and the implants move down a bit. The other breast may come down in that time as well. It's hard to judge the quality of the results until that time, and I would not suggest doing anything until then. Regarding the stretch marks, I would not expect 200 cc implants alone to cause these; did you have any stretch marks prior to surgery which are now more apparent? If you have any other concerns, I suggest seeing a local plastic surgeon for evaluation. Good luck, /nsn.

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Breast asymmetry after breast implants and breast lift.

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You have some breast asymmetry after breast implants and breast lift. There is nothing to do now. Wait at least six months. You may need a revision then.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Need pre-op photo and time to really tell

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Without pre operative photos this could be a GREAT result! But how can we tell?

Yes, there is some asymmetry but it is too early in the healing phase to seek a surgical correction. At least try to contact the operating surgeon.

Regards from MIAMI

Drooping Breasts - Medical Tourism

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You appear to have had an Augmentation Lift (Mastopexy) and appear to have a mild asymmetry between the breasts as sometimes is seen when an augmentation and a lift are done together in a woman who is asymmetric to begin with. Thee is not much that can be done at this time during early healing. Once the healing is complete, if you are still bothered by the uneven location of the nipple / areola complexes a right periareolar lift would correct the situation.

Australia has a LOT of world class Plastic surgeons. Your decision to go abroad was no doubt motivated by financial considerations. I do understand it but it is always a gamble. What would you have done if you suffered a much more serious complication?

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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