Will Skin Look Too Stretched After Downsizing Breast Implants?

I had implant silicone mentor 350 cc HP breast implants in February of this year. It is too big for my lifestyle and frame (5'3 114 lbs). I am waiting at least six months before I ask my surgeon to change implants; I would like to downsize to 275 or 250 mod plus. I am worried aabout skin looking too streched after change. What should I expect? Is this change worth the money and pain? I love the way my implants look now, but I don't want anyone to know and have to hide them daily; I just bought a minimizer bra.

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Sooner rather than later

If your skin is still tight, then reducing the size modestly may be very feasible. Typically implant exchange surgeries are straightforward and not nearly as painful as the initial surgery.

The longer the large implants sit there, the more they stretch out the skin and expand ithe internal pocket.

Be sure you know what you want, because each surgery can involve risk, expense, unanticipated consequences, etc.

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Downsizing Your Implants

Downsizing can definitely be done, but you may need a small lift afterward. The kind of lift you may need could include just a small one around the areola to a larger lift involving an anchor type incision. Everyone's skin laxity is different, and your lift required would depend on you skin laxity. You may be able to get away with no lift at all, but again it depends on how tight your skin is. 

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