Deflated Breast Implant from Carrying 9 Lbs?

Two weeks after I got breast implants, I was carrying a bag that weighed 9 lbs. I had a very bad/painful muscle spasm and immediately felt my right breast shrink. I was called in a muscle relaxer, but it didn't seem to help. My doctor says that I have a larger version of what I had before, which isn't a good enough answer for me. Today, my right breast is at least a half cup smaller than my left; it's also higher and harder. If I lay on my back, it sits stright up, where my left breast falls naturally to the side. Any advice?

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Deflated breast implant

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Dear Amanda,

I have NEVER seen a 9 pound weight deflate a breast implant. It would take a LOT more sudden compression force to do it. More than a bear hug, sleeping on your stomach, having sex - all the other normal activities we engage it.

Without examining you, I would be guessing. But - the key to the diagnosis lies in your comment "my right breast is at least a half cup smaller than my left; it's also higher and HARDER".

Amanda, a deflated implant does not move up AND becomes harder. It deflates and often is hard to feel.

It sound like whatever you or your muscle did flipped the implant on it side or if it is tear drop shaped on its side.

Go see you surgeon and have him/her verify it.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Hard to tell; See your surgeon

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You could have an implant position change or a rupture. I would see your surgeon to have this sorted out ASAP. This is not something we will easily figure out without examining you.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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