How to Bring Breasts Closer After Breast Implants

I had my breasts done and decided to go with a 400cc implants. My breasts are extremely far apart and my doctor said it is because my rib cage is verly large for my body. Is there anything I can do to get my breasts closer together?

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Breast implants and maximizing cleavage

Breast implants are made in different profiles to fit different body types as well as patients' desires. However, no matter what profile you choose, it cannot change your anatomy. Some women have breasts that are naturally farther apart than others, and it is very important to respect these anatomic features when performing a breast augmentation.

To help produce more cleavage or add to central fullness of the breasts, you could discuss with your doctor a lower profile implant. These are wider, but also tend to produce less "projection" of the breast. You will have to choose what is more important to you because the "wider" the implant the more "volume" (cc) -- which can negatively affect your appearance. Measurements of your beast and chest will be very important in making this final discussion.

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Options for cleavage

There are options such as lateral capsulorraphy, mastopexy or moderate profile or larger implants but these intereventions may produce results that are undesireable.

It is best to discuss these with your surgeon and perhaps obtain one additional consult but I would generally trust your surgeon's recommendations

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Cleavage is hard to obtain with implants

It is very hard to produce cleavage from breast implants. Each woman has a different amount of distance between her breasts and to try to move implants inside this natural demarcation is a mistake and can cause a synmastia (implants touching at the midline). The methods of maximizing cleavage with implants are placing larger implants and placing them "over" the muscle. There are risks and benefits to doing this and you need to have a full discussion with your plastic surgeon to determine which procedure is right for you.

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