Use Existing Breast Implants with Breast Lift?

I already have breast implants and have had them for fourteen years. I am now needing a breast lift. Can I keep exsisting implants and get a lift?

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Breast lift with older implants

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You certainly potentially could leave the implants that you have in during a breast lift, but after 14 years, you may want to consider exchanging them for newer ones. Older implants run the risk of eventual rupture.

Do breast lift with new implants.

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If your current breast implants are not giving you any trouble, you could leave them alone, and have a breast lift around them.  But 14 year old implants are more likely to leak than new ones.  So it makes more sense to replace implants with the lift, despite the extra expense.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Existing breast implants with breast lift

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Implants only last so long before they fail. Fourteen years is in the range in which something might happen any time now putting you into the position in which you might need surgery again.

If you were my patient, we would be speaking about these things in these terms. It is your risk to not replace the implants. You just need to know that risk and be OK with it. Given this risk many patients would choose to replace the implants to start the "implant failure" clock again so to speak, if they were entertaining the idea of having surgery again.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

I would not do it

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Although we do not know how long your current implants will last I would recommend changing 14 year old implants if you are going to be under anesthesia. I agree with discussing the potential of an implant failuer after your breast lift which would require another trip to the operating room. Best of luck.

Dr Edwards

Yes you can

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If you are having no problems at all with your implants and if they are giving you the feel and volume enhancement you want, you can leave them alone and lift the breasts back up onto them and restore a youthful toned look. 

I think you probably could, but I wouldn't recommend it...

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Hi there-

Given that your implants are 14 years old, if you are certain that you will be undergoing surgery to improve the shape of your breasts through a breast lift technique, I would recommend that you have new implants placed at surgery as well.

Even if your implants are not showing signs of their age right now, I promise they have aged, and sooner or later (probably sooner given their 14 years..) they will rupture. I would hate to think of you having your breast lift and then having to have surgery again in a year after you realize one of them has ruptured. Bear in mind that the average life span of implants is 10-15 years- so you've already beat the average.

Talk to your surgeon about the relative risks of needing a second surgery to replace implants versus the risk and expense of replacing the implants at the time of your lift. I think after you gather all of the info you'll agree it's probably smarter to exchange them now and avoid another operation.

I hope that helps!

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